December 4, 2015

Get Funded!

community serviceThe Rancho de los Peñasquitos Town Council offers two distinct opportunities for funding programs and projects in PQ and/or for PQ residents:

  • Community Service Grants are available to individuals and organizations for activities and projects that promote the interests or provide community service to Rancho Peñasquitos. An individual organization may apply for and receive only one grant per calendar year. Individual grants will normally not exceed $300 and organizational grants will normally not exceed $500 annually. Grants will be awarded as the Town Council deems appropriate and as budget permits.
  • Community Program or Event Sponsorships are awarded at the discretion of the Grants Committee and approval of the full RPTC Board. To qualify for a sponsorship, the event or program should have a wider community benefit, have our logo appear on promotional material, and can involve a large organization. Sponsorships do not generally exceed $1000. If your request falls into this category, please use the Sponsorship form below.

On that note, please remember that the Town Council’s budget for these community grants is dependent on the support of our community’s residents and businesses.  If you would like to help fund our grants, please click here to become a PQ Community Partner.

If you have a community servic/council-projects/community-partnerships/e project that falls into one of these categories, please use the links below to learn more about these funding programs and the process:

If you have any issues with your online request, please email with your request so we can process your paperwork!